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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Hundreds of homes feared lost as firestorms rip communities

Thousands of New South Wales residents are dealing with scenes of widespread destruction, as dozens of bushfires continue to burn out of control across the state.

Firefighters say they fear around 200 homes were lost as firestorms ripped through communities yesterday, and say they fear there could have been at least one fatality.

They say "whole streets" have been razed in some Blue Mountains communities.

Thousands of people spent the night in evacuation centres, and authorities say the full extent of the disaster will become clear later today.

This morning 100 fires were still burning, more than 30 of them out of control. The main threat was on the Central Coast, with an emergency warning issued and residents urged to seek shelter as a fire raged at Ruttleys Road near Wyong.

An emergency warning also remained in place for a fire at Lithgow in the Blue Mountains.

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