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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Aliyu threatens 400 Northerners

THE Governor of Niger State and Chairman of the Northern States Governors Forum, Babangida Aliyu, on Saturday said over 400 northerners betrayed the North after collecting money from mercenaries. He promised to publish the list soon.

Aliyu who made this disclosure while making tribute to the late Emir of Minna Alhaji Ahmadu Bahago at the 25th anniversary of the Emir of Minna Alhaji Umaru Faruk Bahago said the North was not afraid of 2015 general elections.

He said, “We hear rumours of some people who say they have the list of four hundred northerners that they are going to settle, and they are sure if they settle the 400, everything will be okay. We are looking for that list so that we will tell the people that these are the people that want to betray you. This sense of betrayal on the northerners has festered into a groundswell of mistrust.

“I must advise all of us to be conversant with the happenings in our country, we must be cautious that through the ballot papers we can always determine who becomes our leader in Nigeria, by God’s grace plenty good things will happen in 2015. Whoever God brings we will follow. Do not be afraid, let there be 200 candidates, God will allow only one candidate emerge.’’

Aliyu while condemning the outcome of the Anambra governorship election said. “With what happened in Anambra State, we don’t pray it repeats itself in 2015 general election because that could cause a problem for all of us as a nation. We must all put our hands on deck to ensure the people understand the right.”

He added, “INEC and others must understand that election is not about money. If politics is about number, then the northern states should not complain, because whatever touches one, touches all us.

“We must therefore, not be afraid of 2015; Allah shall do well for Nigeria. However, our major concern should be focused on our electoral laws and the performance of the Independent Electoral Commissioner, especially with what happened in Anambra State.”

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