Thursday, 21 August 2014

New Nigeria Map Showing New States

The new Nigerian map has been released after the National Confab Committee proposed an addition of 18 new states to bring the number of states in Nigeria to 54.

Members of the National Conference Committee on Political Restructuring and Forms of Government jointly headed by Muhammed Kumakalia and Ike Nwachukwu released the proposed a new map of Nigeria with the additional states added.

The newly proposed states.....

Njaba from Anambra and Imo,

Oil River from Rivers state

Anioma from Delta state,

Ogoja from Cross River State

Ijebu from Ogun State

Ose state from Edo

New Oyo State from the present Oyo State

Apa from Benue,

Edu from Niger

Kainji from Kebbi state

Katagum from Bauchi,

Savannah from Borno,

Amana from Adamawa,

Gurara from Kaduna,

Ghari from Kano,

Etiti from South East,

Aba from Abia,

Adada from Enugu,

The confab closing ceremony was held today August 21st. Sincerely speaking.....I see no need for new will just cause more confusion.


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