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Friday, 1 August 2014

Two Officers Stabbed By A Madman See [Photo]

Two police Officers were stabbed few days ago in Alakija area of Lagos metropolis as they tried to evict an insane woman from the premises of a popular pentecostal church.

According to an anonymous eyewit­ness, “trouble started when the woman was stand­ing in front of a church and policemen attached to the area attempted to evict her.
Suddenly, a madman surface and went to meet the officers ostensibly to stop them.

“The policemen left the woman and confronted the insane man. They started beating him with their ba­tons. The madman, who was with a stick started flogging the policemen.

“Suddenly, the madman brought out a broken bottle from his bag and stabbed the two policemen, who were later rushed to Navy Town Hospital by church mem­bers and passers-by.

“News got to other police­men attached to the church that their colleagues had been stabbed by the mad­man and they reinforced and began to look for the mad­man, whom they found at Alakija Bus-stop.

“The five policemen sur­rounded the madman and tried to overpower him and after much struggle, they tied him up with a rope and bundled him into their van and took him back to the church for interrogation.”

He said the policemen later saw a man taking pic­tures and tried to collect his phone from him but he iden­tified himself as a soldier and they let him go.
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