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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

French Hostage beheaded in Algeria.

The French government announced that the recent hostage situation in Algeria has obviously no influence on French foreign politics. His fate was sealed from the start.

Hervé Gourdel was kidnapped Sunday night in Algeria, 120km east of the capital while on a hike since Saturday with friends Algerians. Kidnapping claimed Monday by a local jihadist group, the Soldiers of the Caliphate, which recently pledged allegiance to Daech (or Daesh or every shit u want).

In 1987, Hervé Gourdel creates a guide office in Mercantour National Park, north of Nice. It is at the same time it forms many mountain guides in the Moroccan Atlas.

Hervé Gourdel is a lover of heights but also a keen photographer. In between, Hervé Gourdel never wanted to choose. It organizes courses combining his two passions that have allowed him to earn a living "out of office," he says on his website, climbing, skiing, traveling waterways around the world, as Jordan and Nepal.

Since Saturday with some friends who knew the terrain, Hervé Gourdel explored the massive Djurdjura in eastern Algeria, a place renowned for its cliffs, where he wanted, according to his family, opening new trekking route.
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