Thursday, 4 September 2014

Madness! Wife Beats Police Inspector To Death In Lagos

Details have emerged over two couple who reportedly fell from the balcony of their apartment at Ijeh barracks in Obalende few days ago.

The initial report stated that the long time couple fell from the balcony during an intense physical fight but more sources have spoken on what actually transpired between the two on that fateful night.

According to police report, the wife of the Police inspector popularly called Kelvin threw him down from a 2-storey building and he landed his head on a stone.

Their neigbhours said they are so used to the weekly fight and nobody care to stop them anymore.

Hear what one of the neigbours said:

“As they were fighting, the mother of three lifted Inspector Kevin up and threw him down and he fell from the two-storey building, landing on his head against a stone.”

“In the process of trying to help save Kelvin, the woman mistakenly fell down on the step and sustained fracture in the leg. 

She was later rushed to a hospital. Before the residents could bring a vehicle to move the inspector to the hospital, he gave up the ghost,”.

The immediate neigbhours of the couple have been arrested for failing to stop them from fighting.


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