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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Real Are T.B Joshua’s Miracles - Several People Allege They Are Staged

If the adage, ‘good wine needs no bush’ is anything to go by, then the crowd at Synagogue of All Nations may not just be ordinary spectators. 

They come with a load of problems seeking one form of miracles or the other.
Miracles were parts of the ministries of Moses, Elijah, Elisha, and of course, Jesus and the apostles.

Their miracles primarily served the purpose of confirming their message as being from God.Today, many people still seek to experience miracles and some will go any length to have that experience.

At Synagogue Church of All Nations, (SCOAN) located at Ikotun- Egbe in Lagos state, an outstanding edifice structured to contain more than 20,000 worshipers with a quarter of that population mostly foreigners, it is a destination for miracles seekers.

People are assured that on seeing the Prophet, TB Joshua, their load of problems would be solved. Little wonder that people especially foreigners besiege the church in search of miracles.

Just imagine more than 80 South Africans dying in the collapsed foreign guest house building at the church on September 12.

Thousands throng into the Synagogue Church of All Nations for miracles. But how real are these miracles that are spreading like wildfire world over?

Saturday Vanguard deployed reporters out to get the feelings of both past and present members of the church including some foreign worshipers on the issue. They filed in this report:

Mr. Michael French, a 45 years old Cameroonian suffering from acute Diabetes traveled all the way from Cameroun for more than 13 hours by bus, stool ling and urinating frequently on the way. 

Mr. French was insulted by passengers in the vehicle due to his constant call of nature, but he endured it all hoping that when he gets to Lagos, “it would be a thing of the past.” 

He arrived Lagos very late and slept at the park because there was no vehicle going to the church.

Mr. French was one of the few that landed at the church the very next morning. He felt that he was already healed because of the adrenaline of hope and excitement in his body.

His feet couldn’t hold him; he had read and watched the exploit of this man back home in Cameroun. He knew it was his day to be healed.

After all the songs and Sunday School, the Prophet climbed on the podium and started praying for sick people.

“I prayed so hard to be the first to reveive the healing.  I wanted to tell the world what God has done for me through the prophet. But l didn’t get to give my testimony that day.

l didn’t receive any sign of healing. So many people came out to give testimonies of their healing and I envied them, but I prayed and hoped that my own healing would come, perhaps on the second day.

“As usual, l was there early alongside my sister the following day. We had carried everything we had saved for this trip.

We believed so much that God would settle us that second day. We went there the second day and it was the same thing, a few others received their healing, but l still didn’t get any.

By the third day, I became worried because I was running out of money.

I called Cameroun for money to be sent, but l didn’t received any alert. We were still spending money  on accommodation, feeding and by then, our faith which was  aflame when we entered into Nigeria began to die fast just as our pockets were draining fast.

“It got to a point when all we had was our transport fare back to Cameroun; we approached the church, but they couldn’t help to sustain our stay.

We were so sad and left Lagos utterly disappointed. I prayed to God for help to survive the long journey back to Cameroun so that I can manage my health just like l was advised by the doctor in the first place.

I came to Nigeria because l was told l would be healed; l would say that l spent the worst one week of my life in Nigeria and l didn’t receive what l came for.”

Again, the story of Awele, a 37-year-old mother is more horrifying. Awele, a breast cancer patient based in Lagos told Saturday Vanguard her experience at the Synagogue while searching for miracle.

After series of tests, she had been told that her both breasts would go under the knife or she  goes to join her ancestors in less than eight months.

She couldn’t believe that she was going to die so soon. She thought about the possiblity of her only daughter becoming an orphan at 18. Amidst that awful verdict, she exuded faith and decided to seek a miracle at Synagogue.

“On visiting Prophet Joshua’s church I was directed to see any of the four Wise-men. (Saturday Vanguard last week wrote about the ‘four wise-men’ ).

After discussing my case with the Wise men, I observed there were three other similar cases involving two men and one other woman.

We were all kept in a room. Few days after, we were not attended to and I insisted on seeing the prophet himself.”

“But after three days, instead of the prophet, it was one of the wise-men that visited us and nothing was done.”

 She said further: “About the fourth day of our stay in the church, we noticed that one of us died, we screamed for help!

When the members came, all they did was to take away the lifeless body of the man; we didn’t know what happened to him again.

Not even a single word of prayer was said in our presence for the guy. The man didn’t return to the room, but his luggage was still there.

Two days later, they visited the room again to check on us as they usually did that period. We asked after the man’s whereabouts and we were told that he had been healed and had left.” Continue reading

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