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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Woman Publicly Beheaded

Just few days after the video showing the execution of American journalist Steven Sotloff, a disturbing report has emerged from London of a woman who was publicly beheaded on a residential street.

Sky News reports that the woman was found beheaded just after 1 p.m. in the North London suburb of Edmonton after witnesses called police to report a stabbing.

Paramedics and a rescue helicopter were dispatched to the scene to attempt to save the woman’s life, according to the Guardian. However, once they arrived they realized the woman was dead due to the extent of her injuries.

Woman Publicly Beheaded in Broad Daylight on London Street

Lead investigator John Sandlin said, “This was a highly visible attack in broad daylight on a residential street.”

“I can understand why this may cause people concern, however we are confident that we are not looking for anyone else at this stage.”

He then tried to downplay the possibility that the attack was terrorism-related.

Woman Publicly Beheaded in Broad Daylight on London Street
Metropolitan Police gave few details of the attack but said they detained a man shortly after the murder who witnesses saw running around the area.

The 25-year-old in custody is said to have been roaming the streets with a machete, according to MetroUK. FULL STORY
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