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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Amber Rose Shares Outrageous Butt Poses Like Kim Kardashian

Amber Rose is evidently feeling perkier after the divorce from husband Wiz Khalifa, and she wants the world to know!

The model shared an eye-watering new pic of her very ample butt late on Tuesday, Oct. 14, showing off her bootylicious figure in a G-string style swimsuit. Her trademark shaved head was also on display, accessorized with painted-on red hearts.

Channeling Kim Kardashian's now infamous butt selfie, Rose looked confident and defiant in the picture. And fans were left with no doubt as to the type of girl her ex-boyfriend Kanye West, who she dated between 2008 and 2010, goes for!

Last week Rose opened up about the pain she was feeling in the aftermath of her decision to divorce husband Khalifa.

"The mornings are especially hard," Rose, 30, tweeted to her 2 million followers. "The pain...I wake up every morning feeling like my best friend died..... I never knew what a true heartache felt like until now."

A source close to Rose told Us Weekly that the split was imminent, revealing that the spouses "had issues from the moment they met… massive blowout fights."

Still, added the insider, their rocky relationship had its high moments too. "They do love each other," the source said, "but this is what happens when two young people fall in love and get married and have a baby too quickly." See pics of Amber without her wedding ring after the cut.........


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