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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Rihanna Look-Alike Makes $20,000 A Year For Looking Like Pop Star (PHOTO)

It certainly pays to have a celebrity doppelgänger!Boston-born Andele Lara has made a fortune from clothing and beauty deals, is regularly stopped in the street and receives adoring letters from fans.

All because she looks like pop superstar Rihanna.

Andele Lara who is a 22-year-old college student is the next big thing in look alike. This chick looks spitting image of bad girl Rihanna. Only difference: Andele is no singer. But, she is capitalizing off of the spotlight while she can.


Andele, from Boston, Massachusetts is such a dead-ringer for the Bajan beauty that she can’t step out the house without being mobbed by screaming Rihanna fans.

Strangers follow Andele on her way to work and send her fan mail whilst companies pay her thousands of pounds to endorse their products making her life not too dissimilar to the Umbrella singer. Her success has prompted Andele to become a full-time Rihanna lookalike.

rihanna look alike
Andele Lara

She explains:
‘The moment I step out anywhere, everyone starts staring and whispering before I get bombarded by strangers asking to take their photo with me.
‘This happens every day – It doesn’t matter what I do. I can’t go twenty-four hours without hearing Rihanna’s name. I know I could happily give up my part-time job and studies to have a career as a Rihanna lookalike.’
As a child, Andele always felt like the ugly ducking. However she became more confident in her looks during her teens.

She says: ‘Growing up, I was a very shy girl. I was known as the skinny girl with the big forehead.
‘But as I got older, I went through many stages to find myself and experimented with different hairstyles and fashion trends.’

Andele – who is single and dating – was fifteen years old when friends at school first noticed her remarkable likeness to the world-famous diva.

Andele Lara look alike

She explains:
‘The comments started in my sophomore year. My friend had a magazine with Rihanna on the cover. He held it up to my face and was like “You look like her!”
‘I wasn’t really sure. She was glammed up in a magazine and here I was in my school uniform.
‘Personally, I never realized I looked like Rihanna. I do see some resemblance but not as much as everyone else I think.’
But as Rihanna’s fame increased, Andele could not escape the comparisons to the star and her day-to-day life changed forever.
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