Top Secrets You Didn’t Know About Pastors

Pastors have secrets that they only share with close confidants. Some secrets in the life of a pastor.

1.  Pastors fear becoming ineffective – pastors fear losing the ability to effect change in the lives of their followers.
2.  Pastors are mama’s boys – pastors depend on the guidance from their mothers – over others.
3.  Pastors have eyes in the back of their heads – pastors see every move you make during service, even when you fall asleep.
4. Pastors get ’burn’ out – from the stress of dealing with funerals, to counseling couples, pastors like most people imagine quitting their job.
5.  Pastors wish they had more freedom – pastors are not free to express themselves about political or social issues in society.  They walk a ‘tight-rope’ to uphold the mandates of ministry.
6.  Pastors need spiritual accountability/counseling – some pastors focus so much on the congregation and church business, they have little time for themselves, leaving them in a state of ‘emptiness.’
7.  Pastors have struggles like everyone else – pastors have weaknesses.  In fact, they sin just like everyone else.
8.  Pastors limit their inner circle – pastors find themselves isolated and lonely because they find it hard to determine when someone is trying to befriend them under false pretenses.
9.  The job of a pastor is not easy – pastors take on the role of nurturer, counselor and parent to meet the demands according to congregational needs.
10.  Pastors are ‘thin skinned’ – pastors are affected by the criticism they receive from members, media and other social forums.  They need frequent hugs.
11.  Pastors love their congregation – pastors often discuss the well-being of their members in church meetings more than anything else.