Sunday, 5 July 2015

(FUNNY) Over 2,500 Human Attended a Cat Funeral

Sometimes i just wonder how we think, the story of a cat been honored as a goddess and buried after its death keeps me wondering,
anyway the Japanese family of rural Kishi announces the death of Tama and the burial "Those among us lucky enough to be surrounded by loving friends and family at the end of our lives have nothing on a cat named Tama."

Three thousand people attended her funeral!

Tama the cat, who died of heart failure at age 16 (that’s about 80 in human years) is credited with saving a Japanese railway line from financial ruin.

The former stray was appointed stationmaster of the rural Kishi station in 2007 and became a tourist attraction, pulling the station out of debt.

She worked her way up the ladder and was eventually named a vice president of the rail firm. Because of her  dedication to the job during her life, Tama earned the posthumous status of a Shinto goddess. Nine lives certainly well spent.....

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