Monday, 20 July 2015

Popular Comedian Goes Topless As Photo Becomes Viral

Amy Schumer has gone to the dark side.
In a series of photographs for GQ magazine, the popular comedian can be seen topless as she is surrounded by several Star Wars characters. It seems that Amy Schumer isn’t scared to flaunt her sexuality, and the 34-year-old recently posed for several highly sexualized Star Wars-themed shots featured in the magazine, Yahoo! reports.

On the magazine cover, Schumer is shown sucking on C-3PO’s finger, dressed as Princess Leia. Amy Schumer, who is starring in the upcoming film, Trainwreck, has now entered the Star Wars universe together with C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca, and others.
In other photos, Amy can be seen laying in bed topless with R2-D2 and C-3PO, and another provocative pic shows her shoving a lightsaber deep into her mouth and throat. According to E! News, Amy Schumer doesn’t have a role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which will be released in late 2015.
It is clear that Schumer is not afraid to discuss her sexuality and, in a recent interview with Complex, Schumer talked about a variety of subjects ranging from her rapid rise to fame, to the way women are depicted in Hollywood.
“We’re all given this male gaze. It’s just instilled in us. In every movie, it’s still the slow pan from the shoe up the girl’s thigh, and we’re watching it, like, ‘Well, that’s not how I look at women.’ That’s why we’re not comfortable with the male form. So it’s so funny when we see a guy naked, but when a woman’s naked, it’s like, ‘[Moans]’.”
When asked whether her private persona is different from her public/stand-up persona, Schumer had an interesting response.
“I’ve been saying onstage a little bit that I’ve never hooked up after a show. I say, ‘I’m not doing this for the dick.’ Because male comics get a lot of p***y. I’d go as far as to say ‘undeserved p***y.’ But it’s just different. I go right to my hotel after the show. I’m not hanging out. I’m an introvert. I like to talk to one person, and I need to kind of recharge. I’m very close and funny with my friends and family, and then other people I’m very careful with. I’m not the girl who’d be at the bar like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do shots with you guys!’ I’d be faking it. I’m down to have a conversation, but I’m not a party animal. I don’t even think I say that [in my stand-up], but I think what people take from what I see on stage is that, ‘This girl’s down to f**k, and she’s down to take shots.’ I’m not down for either of those things.”


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