Thursday, 24 December 2015

Woman Arrested For Child Neglect

A young child left scared, screaming and alone in the middle of the night. Now her mother is facing child neglect charges.

A neighbor found the child covered in urine around 4:45 a.m. Monday.

“I was sound asleep and I could hear someone screaming and my kids were saying what’s going on what’s going on,” Jason Regula told a 911 dispatcher.

The man lives at River Reach apartments. He found the little girl alone at the top of the outdoor stairs.

“I looked inside the door I can’t see anyone there,” he told the dispatcher. “She says her mom took off.”

Regula stayed with the little girl until deputies arrived because her mom, Loreta Cibirkiene, was no where to be found.

Regula told the dispatcher the child wasn’t injured.
“No, she looks fine she was just scared,” he said. “She peed her pants up here.”
Two hours later, Cibirkiene came home from shopping at Walmart.

What deputies found inside the apartment was also shocking. They described clothes and toys all over the place. There was a pet bird flying loose inside and feces throughout.

Deputies said they were overwhelmed by a foul smell from the kitchen and refrigerator. They also found the kitchen counter was covered with sharp cans and there was a full set of knives in the girl’s reach.

In the arrest report, deputies said the little girl doesn’t speak and can only communicate by pointing her fingers and grunting. The investigating deputy said that clearly shows signs the child is being neglected.

Cibirkiene was arrested and charged with child neglect.
The little girl is now in the care of the state Department of Children and Families.



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