Thursday, 7 January 2016

We Used Our Baby To Secure Loan

A man accused by his wife of abducting their five-month-old son has said they used the boy as collateral for a N400,000 loan.We used our baby to  secure loan, says dad

Okwuchukwu Ibekwe said he and his wife, Oluchi, agreed to use Chidera to secure the loan.
The suspect, who is in police net for allegedly selling his son for N500,000 to a woman, Chinnelo, in Ihiala, Anambra State, said he needed money to start all over again after he was evicted from his shop at Ladipo, and his commercial bus was burnt.

According to the 30-year-old suspect, his wife suggested that they use the baby to secure the loan, on ground that he would collect N250,000 and she, N150,000.

Ibekwe said: “I was a mechanic until the building that housed my shop was sold and I was evicted. I was idle for some time, then someone gave me a bus which I used for transport but the bus was consumed by fire.

“Things were very hard and I could not fend for my family. It was at the point of difficulty that my wife suggested that we should go and borrow money from one Chinnelo. She’s the one who knows Chinnelo and she brought her contact.

“She suggested that we should give the baby to Chinnelo and collect money from her. We agreed that I will collect N25,000 so that I can travel, while N150, 000 will be paid into her account.

“That was how I took our son and travelled and I collected my own money. But because her own was not paid early and we started quarrelling, I was surprised that while I was still in the village, a lawyer called me and I came to Lagos and was arrested. continue reading


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