Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hunter Dies After Injured Elephant Crushes Him In Zimbabwe

A hunter died on Friday in Zimbabwe when a member of his hunting group had opened fire at an elephant and causing it to fall on him.

The group had gone for a walk at mid-day when three elephants stormed the group, News 24 reported.

A fourth elephant stormed the group from the side and was shot. The animal grabbed Theunis Botha with its trunk, but collapsed and fell on him after being shot.

Botha was a specialist in hunting leopards with hounds. Game Hounds Safaris, Botha’s company, said in a statement that he pioneered the hunts using packs of dogs in southern Africa.

According to News 24, Botha was well known in Zimbabwe and helped recruit Americans for trophy hunting. The 51-year-old was highly regarded for his hunts, The Telegraph reported.


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