Saturday, 11 November 2017

Police Officers Axed for Wishing Teenager Was Raped

Two police officers have been axed after they were caught saying they hoped a runaway teenager ‘got raped’.

Samuel Dexter and Hannah Mayo from Bristol, United Kingdom, did not realize their shocking conversation was being caught on voicemail. The officers had driven over to the family’s house after receiving a phone call from the 14-year-old’s mother.

Dexter had previously attended the address earlier that same evening when the boy’s mother had phoned the police to report that he was missing. Though he was later found, he ran away from the house again, prompting another search.

And when the officer was called back to the address later that night, he vented his frustration to his colleague.

He told her he wished he had said to the boy, “I hope you get raped”. Mayo then responded: “Yes, butt raped”.

Both officers were heard laughing on the two-minute recording, which ended as they pulled up outside the boy’s house, according to Daily Mail UK.

The two officers appeared before a misconduct hearing on Tuesday, readily admitting to gross misconduct in relation to the incident.



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