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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Goat delivers mysterious creature in Ekiti farmstead

Olorioko farmstead of Ogotun community in Ekiti South-West Local Government Area of Ekiti State was a Mecca of sorts on Tuesday when news came from the community that a pregnant goat was delivered of a human-like kid in the morning.

The inhabitants of the farmstead, which is about five kilometres from Ogotun, told newsmen that the goat had been in labour since Monday night and could not deliver the kid as it was normal with animals.

The community leader, Chief Gani Adetomi, was said to have gone to his farm when newsmen called at his residence, but other members of the community said a man referred to as Pastor Daniel Odedele helped the nanny goat on Tuesday morning.

According to a member of the community, “Pastor Odedele was in Olorioko on a routine business visit when he saw a goat in labour.

“He watched the goat for a while and observed that ‘what this goat is about to deliver is not normal.’ He went to the goat, pulled the foetus from it and people who own the ‘kid’ raised the alarm which created the panic you’re seeing here today.”

The villagers told newsmen that the ‘kid’ had lived for only about one and a half hours, and had deflated by the time the journalists arrived in the community, saying “it was much bigger, and its human head and face as well as female human genitals were very prominent and pronounced.”

He said the incident would be reported to the traditional ruler  of the town, the Ologotun of Ogotun-Ekiti, Oba Samuel Oyebade, and added that the farmstead would have to perform some ritual to appease the gods and to forestall calamity from befalling them.

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