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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Armed Robbers Respect Me—Daddy Showkey

Few years ago, top music artiste, Daddy Showkey was attacked by some unknown gunmen in his Lagos home shortly after he returned from abroad, where he received treatment. One person was killed during the incident.

Soon after, in January 2012, he was again attacked at a filing station in Alagbole area of Ogun State.

Speaking on his first attack, Daddy Showkey explained that the gunmen were not armed robbers as some may have thought, but assassins.

As the musician said, “Yes, they were assassins. They came to my house and killed one of my boys. Thank God I was lucky. Those guys were not armed robbers because in Nigeria today, no armed robbers can come to my house. It can never happen.”

Explaining further why armed robbers cannot attack him, Daddy Showkey said, “I grew up in the street of Ajegunle.

I have always been a street boy. Armed robbers can never rob me. I have met a lot of them on the streets of Lagos several times and they will tell me Showkey Baba, we didn’t know it was you. Please, no vex, they go. That respect is always there.”

When asked whether he has any connection with robbers and why they respect him, he said, “That is a story for another day, Mr reporter.”

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