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Saturday, 16 August 2014

STRANGE!!!!!!!! Whole Family Die Mysteriously In Their Sleep In Abeokuta

family of five in Temidire Community, Sabo, Abeokuta North Local Government Area of Ogun State, on Friday died in mysterious circumstance in their room while asleep.
On a visit to the home located at Number 3 Ireti Akinbode Street, Friday, we gathered that the victims include a father, mother, and three children Neighbours said Aliu Adeoye, his second wife, identified as Iya Aliya, and their three children slept in a room, where they all died before daybreak on Friday.

Mr. Adeoye’s first wife and her three children slept in another room within the six-room bungalow, but suffered no ailment. However,a neighbour who spoke to journalists expressed shock at the development. 

He said some of the neighbours perceived a pungent chemical odour from the building. Also,a retiree who lived opposite the building said it was the wailing of the first wife that woke members of the community before they found the corpses. 

“It was a noise that woke us up and we initially thought it was armed robbery or probably from the mosque but when we listened very carefully, we observed that it was like wailing and we rushed out to find so many people in front of the house,” the retiree said, asking not to be named. 

“We could not say what happened because there was no noise in the midnight but we were told that it was the first wife that called people’s attention, you know it is a polygamous family, the wives were always fighting but what led to the death of the whole lineage is still a surprise to me, I have never seen this in my life. 

“Some people are saying it was the fume from a generator, they use generator but it is always at the side of the house, as you can see the compound is not gated. 

But one thing is that the wives are always fighting, cursing each other, it has gotten to a stage that the community leader had to intervene but all to no avail, there has never been peace among them,” she said. 

The neighbour told journalists that the first wife whose name could not be ascertained as at the time of this report later fainted and was rushed to a nearby maternity centre in Sabo area where she was said to have been revived. 

At the hospital, the situation took another dramatic dimension as community members tried to lynch her after they blamed her for the deaths. 

‎The intervention of police officers from Ilupeju Divisional Police Headquarters saved the situation as the woman was quickly moved to an undisclosed hospital. 

However, hours after the calamity, the whole area was deserted and few residents seen on the street declined further comments when approached by journalists. 

They directed newsmen and other journalists to the zonal leader of the community who was the Arabic teacher of the deceased children. 

The community leader, Abubakar Olowoorioke, explained that they were in the mosque in the early hours when a woman alerted them. He said they got to the scene and found the dead bodies of the deceased. 

He said he could not move closer to the scene again following the shock, but added that odour of chemicals could beperceived from inside the house. 

“It was a surprise to us when we got to the place but what we observed was that there was an odour like an insecticide chemical and we had to rush out, but someone told us that it could be the fume from the generator,” he explained. 

When contacted, the Ogun State Police Command Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, confirmed the incident. 

He said medical examination of the corpses would reveal the cause of death. “The police found the body of five people in the building this morning, the cause of the death is yet unknown. 

“We also heard an allegation that some people wanted to lynch a step mother to the deceased and nearly set the building ablaze.

“We cannot ascertain the cause of the death for now, there are allegations here and there but the police will do what need to be done, that is postmortem, that will tell us the cause of the death.” Mr. Adejobi said the police “have heard several versions of the story”. 

“Some said it was a carbon monoxide from the generator, some said it was spiritual that the step mother actually killed them, some even said she sprayed something in the room but the medical practitioner, through postmortem will tell us the cause of the death,” he said. 

The spokesperson appealed to people concerned not to embark on jungle justice, adding that the police will arrest whoever violates the law.

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